In today’s food packaging industry there is great demand for portion control, easy access and portability in a consumer’s choice of packaged foods. As a result, containers with removable lids and membranes are gaining popularity.

Prolamina’s PRO-PEEL solution offers consistent peel performance, as well as one-piece removal. It features our proprietary sealant technology, which is compatible with PP, PS, CPET and HDPE container stock. Popular applications include yogurt, portion pack breakfast cereal and dairy lidding; and our peelable lidding solutions are engineered for a variety of cup stock. In order to service the branding needs of our customers in the food market, our PRO-PEEL lids are surface printable.

Other important PRO-PEEL features include:

  • Good machinability
  • Excellent die-cutability
  • Peelable to a variety of cup stock including PP Thermoform, PP Injection Mold and HDPE