PRO-POUCH® Coffee Packaging

Prolamina is a leader in the foil pouch market, producing paper/poly/foil/poly structures with a wide range of sealant resins and coextrusion variations to house dry powders, mixes and more. We offer tandem extrusion, adhesive laminating, metallizing and printing capabilities. These structures can be simple three-ply laminations, four-ply or five-ply multi-layer substrates and can be delivered with or without printing.

Metallized Coffee Packaging

Our metallized coffee bags are made using triply-metallized adhesive laminated film and are designed for the packaging of over 5 oz. of ground coffee. The result is a bag that boasts an excellent lamination bond between the metallized layer and sealant film. Prolamina’s metallized coffee bag features include:

  • Exceptional caulk ability, gas barrier, seal and hot-tack properties
  • Outstanding barrier against oxygen and moisture
  • CONEG-compliant printing inks
  • FDA-approved resins

Coffee Retail Bag

Prolamina’s coffee retail bag utilizes three-ply reverse-printed foil lamination designed for vertical form fill seal gusset bag applications. The result is a high-quality barrier that reserves flavor and an excellent visual product to strengthen your brand. Prolamina’s retail coffee bag features include:

  • Strong heat seals and low seal initiation temperature
  • An excellent barrier to flavor, oxygen and moisture
  • Superior product resistance to flavored coffees
  • FDA compliance


Prolamina’s PRO-POUCH products are produced on advanced Totani pouch-making equipment and can be assembled via adhesive or extrusion processes, with and without foil, to meet most liquid and dry product requirements.

Advantages of using Prolamina’s PRO-POUCH line include:

  • A combination of stiffness, offering a robust touch with strong seal attributes ensuring seal security
  • Superior organoleptic properties for cases where dryness, moisture and stale-fresh factors are considerations
  • Availability in white-opaque and clear (and of different thickness) to support your branding and product requirements

From small single-use pouches to large-format, high-strength multiple-use pouches, Prolamina’s PRO-POUCH solutions are sure to fit the needs of any customer with pouching products.